Mary Trentadue

New Westminster, British Columbia

Mary Trentadue’s impact as a city councillor for New Westminster continues to resonate throughout the community following her tenure. An advocate for arts and childcare, Mary challenged developers to incorporate non-profit daycare facilities into new developments, ensuring accessibility for families. She also played a role in simplifying processes to attract daycare providers, recognizing the importance of childcare for working parents. Her contributions to improving housing policies to protect tenants and supporting local women-owned businesses underscores her legacy.

Mary’s strategic efforts to bring people together through the arts led to the initiation of the multi-year community mural project, Paint New West Beautiful. Additionally, her leadership as chair of various arts committees significantly contributed to the advancement of cultural policy and the production of cultural celebrations in New Westminster. Her mentorship to women aspiring to serve in government, advocacy for childcare, arts, and diversity, equity and inclusion in government and community exemplifies her dedication to making New Westminster a more vibrant and equitable city for all residents.


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