Len Pierre

Surrey, British Columbia

Len Pierre, Owner & CEO of Len Pierre Consulting (LPC), stands as a leader in Indigenous cultural consult and education, guiding seminars and workshops province-wide with a diverse team comprising youth, educators, and elders. Offering over 20 workshops and courses, Len’s team delivers education on Indigenous cultural safety, reconciliation, decolonization, lateral violence, and motivational speaking for youth. Moreover, LPC has curated an extensive online educational resource across YouTube, Spotify, and its website, addressing evolving reconciliation topics. Len’s approach creates understanding and tangible action towards reconciliation, challenging norms in a culturally safe and respectful manner.

As a member of the Katzie First Nation and former Indigenous Education Assistant for the Surrey School District, Len serves as a role model both in and out of the classroom, leaving an enduring impact on communities. His efforts inspire individuals and organizations across BC and Canada to become genuine allies in the journey of reconciliation.


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