Kihlyahda Christian White & Candace Weir-White

Masset, British Columbia

As Haida Cultural Ambassadors, Kihlyahda Christian White and Candace Weir-White are visionaries who merge compassion, strength and understanding to elevate their people and community. Through years of personal dedication, education and skill, they justly earned their places as cultural leaders, language carriers, mentors and community ambassadors.

Christian is a globally recognized Haida Master Carver, educator, mentor and Elder, dedicated to working with youth and Elders in intergenerational programs and venues. Candace is a Haida song and dance leader/organizer, an apprentice and learner of the language with Elders. In addition, she plans and arranges all aspects of cultural events in their community.

Christian and Candace are people who lead by doing and being. They are dedicated to learning, teaching and ensuring a future for their Haida culture. Together, they continue to seek out knowledge and wisdom; share and teach others by being leaders within their community; and strive to carry on the work, for the present and future – for the People.


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