Kamal Sharma

Surrey, British Columbia

For over 40 years Kamal Sharma has been involved in the entertainment business, bringing together South Asian communities. He identified a need in the local population to help bridge the gap between South Asian entertainers, entertainment news and the fast-growing new immigrant population in the lower mainland. He provided a platform to engage with BC youth and nurtured their appreciation for the culture and talent from India. From hosting TV shows, to renting and selling Bollywood movies to presenting sold out concerts to thousands of people, Kamal has remained true to his roots and shared his love of South Asian culture, entertainers, music, and Bollywood stars.

Through his work, Kamal has helped thousands of people stay abreast of the latest entertainment out of Bollywood. With his experience behind him, Kamal founded KVP Entertainers & KVP Heritage, whose goal is to revive arts presentations from South Asia in BC. Kamal and KVP Heritage have sponsored many community events and fundraisers, supported young people as well as up and coming future stars.


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It’s indeed a huge honour to be acknowledged and presented with the BC Achievement Community Award for community service and (I was) absolutely elated with the buzz created. It means a lot to be singled out and certainly it’s important to acknowledge those who passionately work for the community and become role models to inspire others.