John Ranta

Cache Creek, British Columbia

As Mayor of the Village of Cache Creek for 28 consecutive years, John Ranta made his community more appealing, accessible, and safer for residents while ensuring taxes remained low and the Village became 100% debt free. He helped to create the Landfill Legacy Fund providing ongoing funds for major projects. Known for his leadership, John also served as President of the Union of BC Municipalities and Chair of the Thompson Nicola Regional District where he united a 26-member board. John’s calm strength and steady voice guided communities through BC’s largest wildfires and devastating floods.   



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The inspiration and motivation to serve, came from my upbringing in Vancouver, where my parents were very involved in community service. When you are raised in an environment that includes significant community involvement, it seems only natural to find a way to contribute. When I read through the contributions made by my fellow awardees it is indeed humbling to be included with a group of selfless, dedicated, community minded individuals who have made such significant efforts to enhance the lives of British Columbians wherever they live.