Jim Good

Prince George, British Columbia

One of Canada’s original naturalists, Jim Good has been developing Goodsir Nature Park located just north of Prince George for the past 30 years. A designated Canadian Botanical Conservatory, Goodsir offers 160 acres of plant exploration highlighting a national collection of species. Jim purchased the land with the intent to create a space where his passion for nature and botany could be shared with all. He collected the specimens himself, driving across Canada sourcing tree, plant, flower, and other native botanical species. This enormous effort has resulted in Goodsir serving as an educational hub in his community and one of the most remarkable and beautiful botanical parks in the world.

Devoted to conservation issues, Jim single-handedly built Goodsir as a hobby nature park and funded it in addition to raising a family on a modest salary. A naturalist museum is part of the Goodsir experience, and it includes another of Jim’s passions, a collection of over 35,000 records for the public to enjoy. Jim provides all these cultural services to his community at no cost and gives freely of his time to guide individuals through both the park and the museum.



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I never dreamed that I would receive recognition of this magnitude and it was so wonderful to share the stage with so many other difference makers at Government House. It was truly one of the biggest and proudest moments of my life.