Jelly Academy

Fort Langley, British Columbia

Jelly Academy is a reskilling company specializing in equipping individuals with comprehensive digital marketing expertise. Its digital marketing curriculum features 11 industry recognized credentials, forming the bedrock for success in the digital arena. The academy’s flagship Digital Marketing bootcamp provides expert training in pivotal sectors such as SEO, social media, digital ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google), Google Analytics, Public Relations and Email Marketing. This program boasts a remarkable track record, with high graduation rates translating into successful career placements, driven by industry-experienced educators who offer insights and support beyond instruction.  

Jelly Academy’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity is evident through its efforts in providing scholarships to over 100 Indigenous students, forging collaborations with Indigenous organizations, and empowering over 40 graduates from these communities. This commitment aligns with the academy’s broader mission to foster diversity within the tech and digital job sectors.   

With expanding horizons, Jelly Academy has augmented its teaching team and diversified its course selection, while forging strategic alliances with influential Indigenous organizations and many more. As it forges ahead, Jelly Academy’s reskilling, diversity and excellence-focused approach is reshaping the digital landscape, paving the way for a more inclusive digital marketing industry. 


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