Jazz Pabla

West Kelowna, British Columbia

Jazz Pabla, former Chief Information Officer & Director of Information Services for the City of Kelowna, leverages technology to improve citizens’ lives and inspire innovation nationwide. Recognized for pioneering AI and cloud solutions, Jazz’s leadership has enhanced efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in city services. Under Jazz’s guidance, his team developed ground-breaking projects and solutions for snow removal optimization and smart waste management systems. He also drove initiatives addressing homelessness, including a real-time Outdoor Sheltering Dashboard, and created a chatbot for citizen queries.

During the recent wildfires, Jazz led a team that deployed drones and satellite technology to detect hotspots and assess damage, facilitating swift response efforts. Jazz and his team also developed a digital twin called Model City, empowering transparent and informed decision-making. Jazz’s vision for AI-driven solutions extends to housing crises, with plans to expedite building permits. As an active member of Municipal Information Systems Association of BC, Jazz shares expertise and drives advancements, positioning Kelowna as a trailblazer in municipal technology adoption.


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