Janna Wale

Gitanmaax, British Columbia

Janna Wale (Gitxsan/Cree-Métis), serves as a policy advisor for the newly established Indigenous research stream at the Canadian Climate Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (Hons.) and a Master of Science in Sustainability, where her research focused on climate resilience in Indigenous communities. Her commitment to improving the world for the next seven generations is evident through her impactful work and research projects. She has represented Indigenous youth on a global stage, speaking at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai with SevenGen, a collective of Indigenous Youth Energy Leaders. Janna participates in various climate change advisory committees, volunteering her time with non-profit organizations and encouraging youth to pursue research in this field.

Throughout her studies and career, Janna integrates Indigenous and Western ways of knowing to build resilience to climate change in Indigenous communities. She serves as a role model and mentor for young people, inspiring them to speak out and take action on issues affecting their communities. Janna’s commitment to inclusive climate action has made her a sought-after speaker, ensuring that Indigenous voices and knowledge are central in shaping policies and solutions for a sustainable future.




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