Jane Devji

Delta, British Columbia

Jane Devji, founder and former CEO of Delta View Campus of Care is a transformative figure in senior care leadership. Over decades of service, Jane established herself as a trailblazer within residential care, breaking down barriers and elevating the standard of care for seniors. Drawing from her international studies, Jane pioneered a “hugs not drugs” gentle-care approach tailored for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Jane, her late husband Amin and her sons, Salim and Aly, were proud to have created the Delta View Habilitation Centre, one of Canada’s first purpose built for dementia care homes. Later, Jane and her family created the Delta View Life Enrichment Centre, where Jane championed the concept of care-hubs.

Jane advocates for seniors facilities to serve as comprehensive centers offering a spectrum of services tailored to individual needs. Continuously expanding Delta View’s offerings, she introduced additional wrap-around services including dialysis, rehabilitation therapy, and respite care. Jane’s innovative approach extends beyond the confines of Delta View. She shared her care-hub techniques with government and healthcare officials, catalyzing nationwide improvements in seniors care standards. Her legacy is marked by a tangible impact on countless seniors and their families, underscoring her commitment to advancing the quality of life for the elderly.


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