Drr. R.T. (Phil) Nuytten

Vancouver, British Columbia
Wearable Submarines

An internationally recognised pioneer in the diving industry, Phil Nuytten has spent over forty years developing the technology to allow longer-length deep diving expeditions with increased human safety. Nuytten’s one-atmosphere systems – the hard-suits ‘Newtsuit’ and ‘Exosuit’ and the “DeepWorker” submersibles – are renowned internationally for opening the ocean’s depths to exploration and industry. This deep diving equipment, along with Nuytten’s military submarine rescue system (designated ‘Remora’ by the Royal Australian Navy and ‘PRMS’ by the US Navy), is standard in nearly a dozen of the world’s navies. His goal has been to provide scientific, technical, military, and sport divers full access to continental shelf depths without the hazards of decompression, so that humans can explore, learn about, and – ultimately – protect the world’s oceans.


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