Dr. Amy Gilchrist

Victoria, British Columbia

Dr. Amy Gilchrist is a naturopathic physician and Clinical Director of the Family Naturopathic Clinic (FNC), a teaching facility that offers free naturopathic care to young, low-income families. With a diverse background in the areas of education, poverty reduction, and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Gilchrist has dedicated her career to improving the lives of those in need.

In 2007, Dr. Gilchrist founded FNC as a pilot project to provide accessible naturopathic healthcare. She expanded FNC to become a teaching clinic, facilitating much needed pediatric care experience to naturopathic interns supervised by licensed naturopathic doctors. Student interns at FNC gain clinical experiences important to completing their education and insight into providing care to those living in low-income, marginalized communities. Over the past 15 years, FNC has served more than 5000 patients in the community and provided clinical training to more than 300 interns because of Dr. Gilchrist’s vision and innovative leadership.


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This recognition is a powerful platform for me to promote my work to funders, policy makers, and our community. The award and the people I have met because of it inspire me to work harder and do more. I see this award as a major tool to further the work I do and to promote community service in general.