Doreen & Wayne Hewitt

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Doreen and Wayne Hewitt have championed water protection on Salt Spring Island for over thirty years. Recognizing the watershed’s vulnerability, they forged partnerships with key stakeholders, including the Salmon Enhancement Society, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of the Environment, and Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection. In 1993, they founded the Cusheon Lake Stewardship Group. Their joint efforts have extended to establishing the Beddis and Cusheon Area Residents’ Association, fostering a broader community engagement from the original Beddis Area Residents’ Association.

Wayne’s leadership roles in the Salt Spring Island Water Preservation Society and Doreen’s tenure as a Special Commissioner on the Beddis Water Service Commission exemplify their commitment. Doreen held leadership roles in 15 community groups, while Wayne led the development of the “Watershed Management Plan for Cusheon Lake,” completed in 2007. For over three decades, the Hewitt’s have vigilantly monitored governmental initiatives, zoning applications, and potential threats to the island’s watershed. Their role as educators and advocates has helped to safeguard Salt Spring Island’s drinking water sources amidst increasing development pressures and climate change challenges.


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