Don Philip Peters

North Vancouver, British Columbia

Don Peters has been at the forefront of advocating for affordable housing on the North Shore of Vancouver since 2004. As chair of the Community Housing Action Committee (CHAC), a program of North Shore Community Resources, Don has brought immense energy and enthusiasm into his work championing affordable, accessible, and appropriate housing for those most in need. Don’s innovative and collaborative approach pulls in research-informed data to build consensus and develop creative solutions.

The City of North Vancouver is now a leader in housing delivery, notably in the number of new rental homes available to its citizens, in part due to Don’s tenacity to ensure the North Shore remains an accessible place for people to call home. Don has built relationships with municipal staff and councillors, housing operators, apartment owners, builders and developers, enabling the CHAC to engage in planning before final decisions have been made. He remains a strong voice for housing affordability and for respectful treatment of tenants, by participating in community engagement and municipal presentations.


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I believe our communities need to see that volunteer efforts by their fellow citizens are actually noticed by our leaders as a way of emphasizing to everyone that they believe we have an obligation to help others not so fortunate.