Devon Black

Victoria, British Columbia

Devon Black is the co-founder of AccessBC, a grassroots campaign advocating for free prescription contraception in British Columbia. For more than six years, Devon played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success, which led to the implementation of the policy in April 2023. Since then, 188,000 people in BC have accessed prescription contraception without cost, thanks to her dedication. Beyond organizing workshops and training over 80 volunteers provincewide, Devon has presented before government committees, served as media spokesperson (in both English and French), and propelled the campaign from local frustration to a national movement.

Devon continues her advocacy as AccessBC’s national liaison, supporting sibling campaigns across Canada. Her voluntary efforts have been instrumental in drafting press releases, providing media training, and fundraising. Devon’s impact empowers campaign members to advocate for reproductive justice issues, such as menstrual equity and improved pain management in gynecology. Without her work, prescription contraception access in the province would remain a financial barrier, defining her crucial role in advancing reproductive rights and health equity.


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