Daxgedim Haanak’ Nation Building

Comox, British Columbia

Marcia Turner is an Indigenous leader focused on advocating for self-determination and self-government among Indigenous peoples across British Columbia and beyond. As CEO and founder of Daxgedim Haanak’ Nation Building, Marcia envisions a decolonized future where Indigenous peoples can freely embrace their culture and languages. She has a deep commitment and connection to her Gitxsan heritage as part of the Lax Gibuu (Wolf clan) and belongs to the Wilp Haijimsxw, House of Chief Haijimsxw.

With a mission that revolves around transformation and systems change at the governance and leadership levels, Marcia works alongside Indigenous communities to amplify their voices. Her goals encompass facilitating Nation re-building, revitalizing ancestral governance structures to re-incorporate matriarchs, advancing Indigenous rights and title, fostering Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships, while expanding her business with a team of Indigenous associates who share her vision of decolonial futures. Her journey began with small workshops on cultural safety and historical awareness from an Indigenous perspective. Over time, her business has evolved and grown significantly, showcasing her ability to collaborate with diverse organizations, governments, and educational institutions. 

Hailed as a role model, Marcia is known for her efforts rooted in ancestral teachings and grounded in a rights-based framework. She focuses on creating sustainable, solutions-oriented impacts that resonate at the systemic level and underpin her commitment to meaningful change. 


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