Corrine Hunt

North Vancouver, British Columbia
Kwakiutl / Komoyue

Born in Alert Bay, Corrine Hunt has been creating contemporary art that reflects the themes and traditions of her First Nations Komoyue and Tlingit heritage for more than 24 years. Corrine’s works include engraved gold and sterling silver jewellery and accessories, custom furnishings in carved stainless steel and reclaimed wood, modern totem poles, and other sculptural installations. A member of the Raven Gwa’wina clan from Ts’akis, a Komoyue village on Vancouver Island, Corrine’s rich family history includes internationally renowned First Nations artists Henry, Richard and Tony Hunt, all of whom have influenced her art. Uncle Norman Brotchie was also an early teacher and mentor. Corrine too has mentored First Nations and other artists and continues to be a strong and vocal supporter of the arts in British Columbia.


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