Coralie Nairn

Vernon, British Columbia

Coralie Nairn’s 35-year tenure with Search and Rescue has been defined by her role in advancing the organization to become one of BC’s leading Search and Rescue groups. Starting as a Ground Search Team Member with Central Okanagan Search and Rescue, Coralie’s journey eventually led her to become a Senior Search Manager at Vernon Search and Rescue (VSAR) and the team’s Safety Officer and Media Liaison. Her extensive training in various rescue techniques has earned her recognition as a respected leader and mentor within the Search and Rescue community.

As a Level II Search and Rescue Manager, Coralie has overseen numerous large-scale operations. Her 11 years of experience with the Canadian Civil Air Search and Rescue Association and maintenance as a Search and Rescue Master with the Canadian Military further attest to her commitment and expertise in the field. In addition to her role at VSAR, Coralie is a program instructor for the Justice Institute of British Columbia and volunteers for the Adventure Smart Program. Through this initiative, she has trained over 1000 children and 500 adults, emphasizing the importance of safety during outdoor exploration.


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