Connally McDougall

Vancouver, British Columbia

Connally McDougall is the founder and creative force behind Connally Goods, an innovative clothing company at the intersection of sustainability and social justice. With a commitment to dismantling systemic oppressions, including fatphobia, sexism, and ableism, Connally infuses each design with a powerful message of inclusion and empowerment. Her journey began with a vision to challenge the status quo of the fashion industry, seeking to create a brand that champions sustainability while celebrating diversity and advocating for social change.

Connally Goods’ values are prioritized through ethically sourced materials, eco-friendly, local Vancouver production methods, and fair labour practices. Each crafted piece serves as a statement of solidarity with marginalized communities. As a designer with disabilities, Connally uses her business to amplify underrepresented voices and promote body liberation. She supports social causes such as the Pace Society Vancouver, advocating for sex workers, The Addison Fund for Paediatric Organ Transplant through Transplant Research Foundation BC, and Saucye West’s #fightforinclusivity initiative.


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