Cathi Jefferson

Duncan, British Columbia

In her line of functional pottery, Cathi Jefferson strives to elevate the ordinary to something special. Her dishes – cups, mugs, teapots, tableware and bowls – reflect this in their form with interesting and strong pieces inspired by nature. Her wheel throwing skills allow her to produce extremely thin-walled yet durable stoneware and her salt-fired finishing technique gives each piece varying textures and rich, earthy tones.

Inspired by the west coast rainforest outside her Cowichan Lake studio, Jefferson’s skills as a ceramic artist have been developed and honed over 35 years. Her career as a studio-trained potter began in 1974 under mentor Herman Venema in Matsqui and she received formal arts training at Kwantlen College and the Fraser Valley College. Jefferson has taught clay at the University of Victoria, the Emily Carr College of Art + Industrial Design and the Kootenay School of Art. Her craft has taken her around the world including leading workshops around North America, the UK and Korea and residencies in B.C., Alberta, Main, Japan, the U.K. and at The Archie Bray Foundation in Montana.

Her studio, Cathi Jefferson Pottery, is located near Duncan on Vancouver Island.


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