Carmen Rosen

Vancouver, British Columbia

As an artist, co-creating art is at the core of what Carmen Rosen strives to achieve through her work at the Still Moon Arts Society. When Carmen moved to the Renfrew Collingwood neighbourhood in Vancouver, she discovered a hidden treasure, the Renfrew Ravine, a remnant woodland with a small section of Still Creek running through it. Carmen joined the neglected ravine clean-up crew and was inspired by its natural beauty to create an event to recognize its value. Still Moon Arts Society was born and the Moon Festival began.

Noting the community demographics, Carmen took the Asian Mid-Autumn Moon festival for inspiration initiating the creative integration of community, arts and environment. Her engagement strategy included youth and seniors, the cultures around her, community organizations and schools. In 2017, Carmen published What Comes to Light; Stories of Still Creek Lost and Found. Motivated by the health of the ravine, Carmen sought out environmental partners such as the Evergreen Foundation, BCIT Rivers Institute, Environmental Youth Alliance, and City of Vancouver Planning. Carmen’s leadership has inspired youth and residents to participate in the removal of invasive species, plant native trees, monitor water quality and continue clean-up efforts.


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It was a great honour to receive the Community Award. It was humbling to be in the presence of so many amazing people working so hard for their communities. It is important to honour excellence in community achievement because the work in communities builds community cohesion and resilience, tolerance, understanding and compassion. It is particularly important in a time when social cohesion is being frayed.