Caine Heintzman

Vancouver, British Columbia
Lighting Design

Lighting designer Caine Heintzman has always been curious about the materiality and fabrication of the objects and equipment that allow him to enjoy the natural environment as an outdoors enthusiast. He found himself naturally inclined to industrial design as he’s inspired by ritual and everyday useful objects that help improve people’s lives.

Having studied and trained at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, lighting became one of his very early interests. Caine is now one of three co-founders of ANDlight, a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer. He applies rigorous material research, technical know-how and an understanding of lighting technology to an artful practice.

Caine’s lighting designs communicate how functional art objects can become economic commodities as well as affective agents in the circulation and amplification of ideas imbued with cultural meaning.

Borrowing from a philosophy of “design as art,” Caine’s designs enrich the landscape of creative expression emerging from British Columbia.

In 2022, the Judson Beaumont Emerging Artist designation, named in honour of the late BC-based furniture designer, was presented to Caine Heintzman, co-founder of ANDlight, a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer.


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With lighting, we’re accentuating space, but the light is sometimes a decoration or jewellery, and it’s also creating an atmosphere, an emotion.