Bridget Catchpole

Hornby Island, British Columbia
Contemporary Art Jewellery

Bridget Catchpole, a celebrated multidisciplinary artist renowned for her exceptional contemporary art jewellery, has garnered widespread recognition for her innovative work in the realm of wearable art. With a distinct artistic vision, Bridget stands out as a pioneer in the use of single-use plastics and marine debris, addressing critical issues such as material exploitation, consumerism, and climate change through her artistry.

Bridget’s art is truly transformative, demonstrating her unique ability to elevate everyday objects into captivating one-of-a-kind adornments. She consistently seeks inspiration through collaborations with esteemed international contemporary artists, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Her recent achievements include various Canada Council for the Arts grants to support her recent body of work, Stages of Healing, a solo exhibition in Montréal, and an international artist residency in Athens, Greece, underscoring her contributions to British Columbia’s cultural economy. Bridget’s work implicitly speaks to the human condition, emphasizing the importance of biodiversity and urgently calling for a re-evaluation of our relationship with discarded materials. Her creative vision not only celebrates her artistic passion but also serves as a powerful reminder of the pressing issues facing our world today.


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