K. Brian McConaghy

Delta, British Columbia

Brian McConaghy’s transition from RCMP member and forensic scientist to humanitarian advocate reflects his dedication to justice and human rights. His experience in law enforcement laid the groundwork, but it was his work in Cambodia that ignited his commitment to combatting child abuse and human trafficking. In 1989, Brian founded Ratanak International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the people of Cambodia rebuild their country torn apart by war, revolution and genocide. Under his leadership, Ratanak has become an internationally recognized model in the fight against modern slavery.

In 2017, Brian’s team built a multi-story restoration centre to provide compassion, secure shelter, and holistic trauma care for survivors on their journey to healing. Brian’s expertise has led him to speak on international human trafficking at prestigious platforms such as the Canadian Senate and advise on G7 law enforcement policy, amplifying awareness and advocacy for survivors on a global scale. More recently, the government of Cambodia invited Brian’s team to assist in building protective systems at a national level. From Canada to Cambodia, Brian’s efforts are restoring dignity and hope to those robbed of freedom while protecting the most vulnerable.


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