Braunwyn Henwood

New Hazelton, British Columbia

Braunwyn’s life is anchored in three basic beliefs – a person must give back to the community; if a need is evident, a person does not ask but acts to meet the need; and a wheelchair is not a barrier to achieving what you believe. As the Hazeltons’ volunteer liaison for Measuring Up the North, Braunwyn spearheads inclusive and accessible initiatives for the Hazeltons. As well, Braunwyn was directly involved with fundraising for the new Skate Board and Bike Park, and she championed the Skeena Bakery, a business operated by people with disabilities. An elected councilor for the District of New Hazelton, she advocates for making the Hazeltons a better and safer place to live, work and play. In her nominator’s words, “Braunwyn Henwood is a GIFT to our community.” Jane and George embody the very essence of community leadership. They are extraordinary contributors both as individuals and as a team.


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