Bill Pechet

Vancouver, British Columbia
Public Art

Bill Pechet has dedicated himself for over thirty years to creating environments that bring people together in refreshing and unexpected ways. He has made his mark on public spaces across the country through his street furnishings, lighting, urban infrastructures, public art and memorial design. Many of his contributions can be found around the lower mainland, including seating and lighting on Granville Street and the Shipyards in North Vancouver. In all his projects, Bill has extended the possibilities of merging social space with sculptural invention and sound ergonomics. Since 2000, as a faculty member of the architecture and environmental design programs at UBC, Bill has encouraged his students to consider how manners of contemporary urban social practice intersect with material and spatial invention, all impacting the experience of the built world. As an artist and mentor, Bill frequently lectures on the critical role that public space plays in healthy and vibrant cities. Bill’s work emanates from a desire to generate a generous sense of simultaneous recognition and pleasurable strangeness in the public realm, giving individuals the permission to see the world as a little bit wondrous.


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