Andrea Walsh

Victoria, British Columbia

A visual anthropologist at the University of Victoria, Dr. Andrea Walsh has worked to identify and, in many cases, return children’s art to Survivors of Indian Residential and Day Schools in Canada. Working closely with Survivors and their families, regional museums, and public galleries in British Columbia, she has curated exhibitions of the children’s artworks as part of her work as an Honorary Witness to Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.    


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Successful examples of community service are never the work of an individual; they are the result of the commitment to social engagement by many people. I think that acknowledging community service allows us to demonstrate the many ways that British Columbians work together to strengthen our relationships across diverse cultures, economic predicaments, and geographic regions, in ways that matter to the lives of individuals in our province. I think such acknowledgement supports work being done in the present, but it also inspires our futures.