Alison O'Toole

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Alison O’Toole stands as a pillar in the Prince Rupert arts community. A teacher for School District 52 since 1993, Alison’s commitment to education and the arts earned her the prestigious title of Drama Teacher of the Year by the BC Drama Educators Association. Alison has directed over 30 high school musicals and major theatrical productions, advocating for student recognition, and leading the charge to make these annual performances count for school credits.

Alison’s passion for theatre extends to the broader community, where she directs productions that bring people together and foster a sense of belonging. As the Drama Representative for the region and a board member of the Lester Centre of the Arts, she mentors aspiring artists and champions the importance of the performing arts. Alison’s legacy is measured in the countless students she has educated and in the many who have pursued careers in the arts, inspired by her guidance and mentorship.


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