Tseax Development Group Ltd.

Tseax (See-ax) Development Group is a consulting firm that provides strategic business advice to the private and public sector. Art Mercer, President and CEO, lives by the proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” and has rendered it into a business development approach that focuses on supporting partnerships between industry and Indigenous entrepreneurs while advocating for training and apprenticeship.

Evelyn Corlett

Evelyn (Eve) Corlett has cared for children on the Sunshine Coast for almost 40 years, providing around-the-clock childcare services to families over multiple generations. As owner of a family-run daycare, Eve has significantly contributed to the “quality of life” for hundreds of people in the community, and created an extended family by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. The essential service Eve provides has enabled many community members to continue to live and raise their family on the coast while handling the daily demands of work and family life.

Lyda Salatian

Lyda Salatian founded the Lower Mainland Green Team (LMGT) in 2011 to engage Canadians in environmental actions within their community and encourage a sense of belonging while raising awareness. When Lyda saw a large young demographic seize the opportunity to be engaged in environmental activities, she was inspired to create the charity Green Teams of Canada and, add a second program – the Greater Victoria Green Team. Thanks to Lyda’s leadership, thousands of Canadians are now actively caring for their local green spaces.

Nechako Valley Animal Health

Nechako Valley Animal Health Services provides quality veterinary care to pets, horses and livestock while offering outreach programs that focus on animal health and well being in remote and under-served rural and Indigenous communities in northern BC. Dr. Cori Stephens has built her clinic from a one vet to two vet practice; diversified the services offered; and reached out to areas that are in need due to lack of qualified professionals in northern BC.

Katherine Dodds

Katherine Dodds is known for her highly effective transmedia campaigns and efforts in raising awareness around social justice, Indigenous rights, sexual health education, LGBTQI2S solidarity and international development, to name a few of her engagement areas. As founder and creative director of Hello Cool World, Katherine has inspired a generation of writers, artists, activists, filmmakers and media strategists across the province. She is a frequent public speaker and leader in her community who continuously uses her own resources to support other initiatives and campaigns.

Lindy Steele

For more than 10 years, Lindy Steele has given her time and energy to the Canadian Cancer Society contributing hundreds of hours to its mission. She has volunteered for numerous and diverse programs with the Society. A retired teacher who has devoted her efforts to helping and supporting others in her community and beyond, Lindy now serves as President of the Auxiliary to University Hospital of Northern BC. A mentor to other volunteers, Lindy continually inspires others with her dedication.

Rivermist Excavating Ltd.

Rivermist Excavating is a Kamloops-based civil contracting firm that specializes in land development, site servicing, and government infrastructure projects. Founded in the year 2000, it has experienced consistent strong growth, including a remarkable 50% growth in the past year. A dynamic company with solid expertise, customer focus, and employee dedication, Rivermist is committed to providing a culture of continuous improvement in construction processes, environmental conservancy and social responsibility.

Polla Eid

For over seven years, Polla Eid has volunteered four days a week, six to seven hours daily, at the Kelowna General Hospital. As someone who believes deeply in the ideals of quiet public service and in the transformative power of volunteering, Polla embodies what passion and commitment can achieve. Hospital staff and visitors know Polla to be an energetic and enthusiastic volunteer who greets and assists anyone needing help around the hospital. She leads by example and is an inspiration to her community and fellow volunteers.

Katrin Taylor

As founder and manager of the Elk Valley Thrift Shop, Katrin Taylor and her volunteer team have raised close to $400,000 dollars for local programs and charities in just five short years. Following a philosophy of recycle, reduce and reuse, almost 70,000 tonnes of textile materials have been diverted from landfill, repurposed or sold thanks to Katrin’s leadership. Her hard work and determination have generated funds that support school programs, scholarships, clubs, food banks, other non-profits in the local community.

Top Notch Oilfield Contracting Ltd.

Top Notch Oilfield Contracting Ltd is a Heavy Civil Earthworks Contractor whose goal is to be a role model for First Nations Entrepreneurs. Owners Judy and Boomer Desjarlais started Top Notch in the spring of 2004 with 1 employee, $1500 and two babies in tow employing a “can do” attitude. Top Notch now thrives in today’s tough environment by having valuable and valued employees, state of the art equipment, while providing a great service.