Marianne Nicolson, AOD

Marianne Nicolson is a well-known mixed media artist who utilizes painting, photography, mixed-media, sculpture, and installation to create modern depictions of traditional Kwakwaka’wakw concepts.

As an artist of Musgamakw Dzawada’enuxw First Nations descent, Marianne’s training encompasses both traditional Kwakwaka’wakw forms and culture and Western European based art practice. She has exhibited widely in Canada and throughout the world since 1992 and has been vocal on issues of Aboriginal histories and politics arising from a passionate involvement in cultural revitalization and sustainability. Her work, A Lament for National Histories, questions the status of international agreements/treaties and the land jurisdiction these agreements reflect.

Linda Helm

Linda Helm is committed to the development of Tumbler Ridge as an outdoor recreation and healthy lifestyle destination. Her volunteer commitments to her community include organizing the Ridge Ramble Biathlon, Ridge Ramble Cross Country Run, helping to organize Emperor’s Challenge, and helping build a network of over 50 trails for the entire community and visitors to enjoy. Enriching the lives of children is reflected in Linda’s commitment to coaching young athletes and supporting numerous school programs.

McCauley Wanner & Ryan Palibroda

Victoria based McCauley Wanner and Ryan Palibroda, of Alleles Design Studio, create prosthetic covers for amputees transforming something mechanical into something “mechani-chic”. McCauley has a background in industrial design/ux/fashion, while Ryan has a background in fine art and architecture. The duo met while completing graduate degrees at the University of Calgary in 2011 and based their business on McCauley’s Industrial Design thesis. The result is unique and beautiful prosthetic covers that are individual works of art, as well as a life-changing product that goes beyond regaining functionality. Their goal is to help clients fulfill an emotional need while regaining confidence through self- expression from the custom designed pieces. McCauley and Ryan have received international recognition through museum exhibitions and fashion shows for their innovative methodology and commitment to the environment.

Janet Johnston

Janet Johnston is a dedicated resident of the community of Stewart who is well known for her activism and volunteer contributions. A compassionate voice for LGBTQ2 rights and advocacy, Janet has also provided services as a foster parent, fundraised for the Canadian Cancer Society, acted as Unit Chief for the BC Ambulance service and supported the Parent’s Resource Institute for Drug Education. In addition to her work as Librarian for the Bear Valley School, Janet chairs the Stewart Historical Society and volunteers with the Stewart Food Bank, local Cubs Chapter, figure skating and minor hockey clubs.

Gus Cook

Gus Cook is a respected repoussé and chasing artist from the Namgis community, which is part of Kwakwaka’wakw nation. Repoussé and chasing are ancient techniques which involve forms of sculpting 3-D pieces out of flat sheet metal by hammering both sides of the metal. From a young age, Gus was encouraged by his mother and father to work hard, be proud and take care of his surroundings. Mentored closely by his brother and fellow artist Rande Cook, Gus has combined skill and artistry with his work ethic, to create beautiful jewellery, frontlets, rattles, spoons and plates.