Philip Gray

Philip Gray is known for his innovation that combines his creative style with the traditions of his Tsimshian roots. He works in cedar, alder and boxwood creating masks, sculptures, panels, poles and drums. His attention to detail and his understanding of the rules of design and color are hallmarks of his work. Philip’s work is shown at the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington, the Bill Reid Gallery, the McMichael collection and major galleries in the Pacific Northwest.

Lawrence Haiducu

An accomplished student up to and including his current medical studies, Lawrence Haiducu is dedicated to his community through volunteerism and innovative ideas to meet the needs of the community. Chair of UBC Medicine's Wellness Initiative Network, founder of a project to educate Grade 10 students about sun protection and a past leader of Harmony in Action, a cultural support group, Lawrence makes a positive impact on the community.

Fred Titcomb

One hundred and two years young this month, Fred Titcomb is honoured today for his 75 years of volunteering in the District of West Vancouver. Of special note is the 35 years that he has volunteered at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre. He was the first one in the door when the centre opened in 1981 and he has done it all–from chair of the board to decorating committee to food service, to his current role as part of the management and administration team. Fred is there everyday and is responsible for donations, receipts, class lists, fundraising support, proofreading, statistics, etc. Fred has been a great example, emphasizing the rewards of community service. Fred’s signature is his laughter and it is his outlook that inspires us all.

Thomas A. Cannell

The work of Coast Salish carver and designer Thomas Cannell reflects his respect and love for his Salish roots and the natural evolution of his people. Thomas works and lives on the Musqueam Reserve and has studied under and been mentored by his mother, Susan Point. He currently works on large-scale public art works in many different mediums with Susan and on his own. Thomas’ public art pieces are shown in Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster.

Deanna Hamilton

Deanna Hamilton is honoured today for her initiatives in the fields of First Nations governance, finance, and property tax. She was responsible for establishing the Westbank First Nation’s property tax program, a system that has become a model for First Nations across Canada. Deanna was instrumental in the development of the First Nations’ Finance Authority and was its first President and CEO. This initiative supports the financial stability of First Nations communities. She served as a Councillor of the Westbank First Nation, was a board member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, a director of All Nation’s Trust Company and the BC Assessment Authority. Deanna is a leader, a visionary and a mentor and we recognize today her strength and integrity.

Germain Vigneault

Germayne Vigneault is one of Haida Gwaii’s most dedicated volunteers. He represents the finest in community spirit. A proud member of the Port Clements community, Germayne is involved in any endeavor that needs volunteers. With his unassuming leadership style, Germayne has contributed to many organizations including the Port Clements Community Hall Society, Canada Day 2013, the Historical Society and Museum and the Tourism Committee. He is an active member of the Haida Gwaii Arts Council and promotes the arts for all communities on Haida Gwaii and beyond. Should you find yourself in Ports Clements in June, take Germayne’s class in lantern making. The lanterns are then released in August at the Edge of the World Music Festival.