Jane Frost

Jane Frost is a founding member of Abreast In A Boat, the dragon boat team for women living with breast cancer. When the first season ended and the organizers prepared to disband, Jane said no. Her vision, strength and tenacity have led to the expansion of this umbrella group to now include over 100 teams on four continents. She has devoted most of her personal time to the Society to further the message about breast cancer and the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle. Jane was instrumental in the 10 year celebration at which 2,000 women with breast cancer attended. Jane continues to live her life ‘by imaging what can be and… then making it happen’.

Al Pullin

Al Pullin is an inspirational teacher and leader who has been at the forefront of countless programs and activities in the Comox Valley that enrich the lives of children and impart important values for the future. Al intiated the highly successful ‘Adopt A Grand Parent Program’, enabling seniors in care facilities to come to the schools and spend time interacting with students. Al’s community involvement also includes coordinating Holocaust Symposiums at several schools, coaching local sports teams, fundraising for “Cops for Cancer” and 13 years of volunteering for the Comox Valley triathlon. Committed to ensuring that the children in his care become not only well educated, but caring, understanding and compassionate members of his community, Al goes above and beyond in his dedication and service to others.

Marilyn Lee

Marilyn Lee’s creative approach to motif, pattern, design and texture are initially inspired by the process of dyeing wool in varying colours and shades to create an extensive palette. In 2005, Marilyn launched a new line of contemporary textiles under the label of “MML textiles” at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, exhibiting her mastery of technique and refined sense of design. Marilyn received her training from the University of Calgary and the Alberta College of Art & Design. She has shown her work in major fairs and shows across the country and in solo and group exhibitions. Marilyn was one of a handful of Canadians to be included in the 2004 World Meeting of Felt Art Exhibition in Hungary.

Choo Chiat Goh & Lin Yee Goh

Choo Chiat Goh and Lin Yee Goh exemplify great mentorship and leadership in the artistic world of dance. After immigrating to Canada nearly 30 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Goh established the Goh Ballet Academy. Many young British Columbians have passed through their doors, inspired by their passion for excellence in ballet and their focus on discipline, hard work and responsibility. Students of this academy have won medals at local, national and international competitions and festivals. Mr. and Mrs. Goh have provided the best environment and training possible and have, in the words of a supporter, “served as a magnet and conduit for multiculturalism and cultural exchange in British Columbia”.

Monty Raisinghani

A committed youth leader in his community, Monty Raisinghani’s community involvements know no bounds. While a student at Queen Elizabeth Secondary, Monty initiated a community Christmas dinner, which annually feeds Surrey food bank clients. Currently in engineering at UBC, Monty’s participation in the community has included developing a 10km fundraising run for the United Way, serving as the Surrey Foundation’s Youth Council President, speaking against violence in schools and organizing a telethon, which raised $16,000 for tsunami relief. His natural leadership qualities and dedication to community work make him a true role model for other youths.

Katherine Soucie

After studying textile arts at Capilano College, Katherine Soucie founded her clothing company, Sans Soucie in 2003. Katherine creates innovative garments using reconstructed hosiery to produce clothing that is comfortable, functional, and figure flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Katherine begins with unworn nylon hosiery, which she then hand dyes, deconstructs, silk-screens and heat sets before reconstructing into yardage and creating wearable clothing. Katherine’s pieces have been featured in national and international print and television media, and can be found in boutiques and galleries throughout British Columbia and the United States.

Marlene Grinnell

For the past 25 years Marlene Grinnell has devoted herself to the community of Langley. As a member and later Chair of the Board of School Trustees, she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the children of her community. For the past 12 years, Marlene has been the Mayor of Langley establishing a solid and highly respected reputation as an approachable, visionary leader, who has the best interests of the community at heart. She helped to revitalize the business core, rekindled a spirit of volunteerism, and put the City of Langley on the map in BC, Canada and other parts of the world. She inspired her community to work together.

Rob Reid

Rob Reid is a rare combination of commitment, determination, caring nature, quiet leadership and modesty. As the driving force behind one of B.C.’s most successful running events, he has headed a team of Royal Victoria Marathon volunteers that has made it one of the premiere community events in Victoria. For Victoria’s 25th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, Rob was instrumental in raising a monument of Terry Fox at Mile Zero and organizing a National School Day Run to celebrate the event. Rob is dedicated to numerous other community organizations including Runners of Compassion, the United Way and the Values-based Business Network. He is a substantial community leader in Victoria, a person who leads by example.