Bryan Dyck

Bryan Dyck’s wife opened a storefront in Vancouver’s Mid-Main Street in 1999. The area was littered with garbage and graffiti and Bryan was concerned for the safety of his wife and others in the area. Bryan has spent countless hours beautifying and making the area safe through planting flowers, removing litter, creating a newsletter and website are some of his contributions. But it is his approach to graffiti that has brought the most significant results. He believes by removing the evidence of graffiti, there is less likely to be other criminal behaviour in the area. He has monitored and removed the graffiti as part of his successful efforts to revitalize and bring harmony to Mid-Main Street.

Matthew Low

Matthew Low is an outstanding student and will graduate with 9 Advanced Placement courses – unusual for any high school student but especially unusual for a young man who also contributes so much to his school and community. Outside the classroom Matt is a member of the debate team, the Model United Nations Club, a major contributor to the Kids Help Phone, a mentor for grade 8’s, an after school tutor and a contributor to the YouThink newspaper. He is also an accomplished athlete, both as a competitor and coach, and a musician. In his spare time, Matthew has volunteered for Amnesty International and UNICEF. Although still in high school, his resume includes pages of volunteer efforts.

Edmond Wright

Edmond Wright is an inspiring community leader in New Aiyansh, formerly the Gitlakdamix Band. First as Band manager, then Executive Director, Edmond oversaw all aspects of the band’s development, delivery of services and the construction of the new village. He worked with the Nisga’a Nation’s Land Claims negotiation process and was instrumental in bringing the negotiation of the Nisga’a Nation Final Agreement to a conclusion in 2000. Edmond is currently serving his second term as Secretary/Treasurer of Nisga’a Lisims Government. His leadership and sound administrative skills have provided overwhelming benefits to his community.

Jeneece Edroff

Jeneece Edroff gives with her heart of gold. She touches everyone she meets. She challenges herself and others to extraordinary heights. She is known as the Penny Girl for the annual penny drive to help Variety – The Children’s Charity for which she has raised over $200,000 over the past six years. She has raised another $150,000 for other organizations affiliated with children and their needs. Jeneece is 12 years old and on a daily basis she deals with neurofibromatosis. Turning adversity into inspiration seems like an ordinary occurrence for this remarkable human being. She is a positive bundle of energy and an inspiration for us all.

Judith Marcuse

Artistic excellence combined with social relevance has been the hallmark of Judith Marcuse’s career as one of Canada’s most creative and innovative choreographers. One of her most profound accomplishments has been working with youth through her company, DanceArts, to create and present three important projects, ICE, FIRE, and EARTH which attempt to communicate the voice of young people, their critical issues and potential solutions. ‘Life-Changing and empowering’ is youth response to Judith’s collaborative presentations. She stands as an example of an artist who has given her best to her art form and to the society of which she is part, a citizen of originality, spirit, imagination and dedication.

Niki Dun

Improving the quality of lives through sustainable design exemplifies Niki Dun’s work. Niki designed the bicycle ambulance to transport patients from village to clinic in rural Africa. A 2003 graduate of the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, Niki is the active founder of Design for Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging Canadian designers to use their design skills to address problems in less fortunate areas of the world. Niki’s work has been part of the Massive Change exhibit in Vancouver and Toronto and she has been to the US and Israel to assist others in designing for developing communities.

Marce Fofonoff

In the words of one of her nominators, ‘Marcie Fofonoff is a bridge builder; her bridges connect every corner of her community and beyond. Marcie builds the bridges and before long we have people crossing from both sides, meeting in the middle, then branching out to build more bridges.” Marcie’s contribution’s to the community of Chetwynd encompass all facets of community life and impact all ages in arts and culture, education, health, volunteerism, literacy, the environment and beautification. Marcie is being recognized today for her exceptional service, dedication and continuing action to the well-being of the community of Chetwynd.

Peter Pelton

Peter Pelton began with ‘a one man sawmill and a large dream’ nearly 15 years ago to utilize value added timber. This became his inspiration for Silver Dew Hardwoods which today uses white birch for the Japanese flooring industry. He built the mill one piece at a time from scratch. In 2004, fire destroyed his dream but he has rebuilt. Peter Pelton has generated employment opportunities in his community, has promoted entrepreneurial spirit among the young people and has been an outstanding example to his community living by these words: “With hard work and innovation, one can reach their goal. Even when it’s difficult and everything seems impossible, stay strong and don’t give up”.

Roger Goldammer

Roger Goldammer’s skill and passion for designing and building custom motorcycles has turned a hobby into a business as a premier bike builder in the custom motorcycle community. Founder of Goldammer Cycle Works, Roger received his formal training from BC Institute of Technology and the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Pheonix. Building most of the bike parts himself, Roger combines functionality with innovation to create unique designs that compete successfully at an international level. Roger’s latest bikes, the boardtrack racer BTR3 and Trouble, were awarded 1st place in successive years at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

Jane Frost

Jane Frost is a founding member of Abreast In A Boat, the dragon boat team for women living with breast cancer. When the first season ended and the organizers prepared to disband, Jane said no. Her vision, strength and tenacity have led to the expansion of this umbrella group to now include over 100 teams on four continents. She has devoted most of her personal time to the Society to further the message about breast cancer and the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle. Jane was instrumental in the 10 year celebration at which 2,000 women with breast cancer attended. Jane continues to live her life ‘by imaging what can be and… then making it happen’.