Celebrating Excellence: The Polygon Award in First Nations Art and the Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design 

Artists and designers have always brought people together through their art. Recognizing and celebrating their contributions builds vibrant and inclusive communities and contributes towards the cultural economy. The Polygon Award in First Nations Art and the Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design serve to highlight exceptional talent and skill within the artistic community. As the nomination deadline of June 30 approaches, we encourage everyone to consider nominating deserving artists and designers for these two awards. #nominatenowbc 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art, established to honour outstanding First Nations artists, celebrates those who have significantly contributed to the continuity and evolution of First Nations art through their practices. This award acknowledges artistic excellence of established artists and recognizes the efforts of emerging artists in their respective fields. The award aims to highlight the rich traditions and contemporary practices of BC’s First Nations, promoting greater understanding and appreciation of their contributions to the arts. 

The Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design celebrates innovation and excellence in applied arts and design. Named after renowned artist and educator Sam Carter, the award honours individuals whose work exemplifies the highest standards of creativity and craftsmanship in fields such as ceramics, textiles, furniture, jewellery, and industrial design. The Applied Art + Design award recognizes and support artists and designers who push the boundaries of their disciplines. The award aims to celebrate those who combine aesthetic excellence with practical functionality, creating works that enhance everyday life while showcasing outstanding craftsmanship and originality. 

Through the extraordinary contributions of awardees like these, BC Achievement continues to advance its quest to elevate excellence, share success, and inspire change. 

This fall recipients of the 2024 awards will be honoured with a short film highlighting their accomplishments. These films will be premiered at the Award presentation ceremony, where recipients will receive their award and cash prize. Awardees will also be celebrated  through an online campaign, #shinethelightbc
​​In addition, BC Achievement is proud to present a combined exhibition showcasing the recipients for both the 2024 Polygon Award in First Nations Art and the Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design.

As we approach the nomination deadline of June 30, we encourage you to consider the artists and designers in your community who exemplify excellence, creativity, and dedication. Nominating someone for the Polygon Award in First Nations Art or the Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design is a meaningful way to honour their contributions and support their future endeavours. 

To nominate, please visit bcachievement.com and complete the nomination form. Let’s celebrate and support the artists and designers who inspire us with their work and creativity. 

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