Celebrating Indigenous business excellence through film 

Photo: Teara Fraser, 2023 Indigenous Business Award of Distinction recipient

Storytelling has the power to illuminate, educate, and bridge gaps in our understanding of diverse cultures. The Indigenous Business Award (IBA) films stand as a testament to the importance of Indigenous narratives, offering a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, resilience and cultural heritage.  

Each year the annual Indigenous Business Award program uses storytelling through short films as one avenue to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements and contributions of Indigenous entrepreneurs. Now in its sixteenth annual offering, the Indigenous Business Award program continues its mission to recognize and celebrate excellence in Indigenous business throughout British Columbia.  

Awardee stories have been captured on film and produced by BC Achievement, to serve as both a tool for the awardees to use to advance their business venture, and as an inspiration to others for the commitment and possibilities of Indigenous entrepreneurship. 

The IBA films provide a platform for Indigenous voices to be heard and celebrated allowing the viewer to gain insights into the challenges faced and overcome by Indigenous business leaders, fostering a deeper appreciation for their accomplishments. 

They also provide greater understanding of the values, traditions, and community ties that play a pivotal role in Indigenous entrepreneurship. The stories of resilience, determination and success motivate viewers to overcome their own challenges and pursue their dreams. These unique stories shed light on the economic impact of Indigenous entrepreneurship, encouraging viewers to engage with and support these businesses. And importantly, the narratives serve to inspire other Indigenous entrepreneurs as they forge their own path to excellence. 

The IBA films provide valuable educational tools. Schools, colleges, and educational institutions can use these films to teach students about Indigenous history, culture, and the contemporary issues faced by Indigenous communities. 

In 2023, a total of eight Indigenous businesses, entrepreneurs, partnership entities and community-owned enterprises were recognized from across the province, joining more than 220 distinguished alumni to be honoured since the program’s launch in 2008. The short films are part of an extensive online archive library which can be viewed on BC Achievement’s YouTube channel.

Watch the films of the 2023 IBA awardees here, and please share.

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