BC Achievement’s Awards: a year-round celebration of excellence

In a move to celebrate and recognize outstanding contributions year-round, BC Achievement is thrilled to announce that its five award programs are now open for nominations throughout the entire year. This exciting development allows nominators to submit partial nominations at any time, providing flexibility and ensuring that exceptional individuals and initiatives are continually acknowledged. 

A Year-Round Opportunity to Celebrate Excellence 

Traditionally, award programs have followed strict timelines, limiting the opportunities for recognition. However, BC Achievement is breaking the mold by embracing a dynamic, year-round approach. This means that individuals, organizations, and businesses that make a positive impact can be nominated whenever their achievements come to light. 

How It Works: Submit Partial Nominations Anytime 

The new year-round nomination process enables nominators to submit partial nominations at their convenience. Whether you’re halfway through compiling the achievements of an extraordinary individual or outlining the impact of a ground-breaking initiative, you can start the nomination process whenever inspiration strikes. This flexibility ensures that no noteworthy contribution goes unnoticed. 

Maintaining Tradition: Yearly Nomination Deadlines 

While the nomination process is now continuous, BC Achievement remains committed to transparency and consistency. The yearly nomination deadlines for each award program will remain the same, providing structure and allowing the independent jury panels ample time to carefully assess each submission. 

  • The Indigenous Business Award program’s nomination period will close on May 31, offering an opportunity to recognize exceptional Indigenous businesses that have demonstrated innovation, sustainability, and community impact. 
  • The Polygon Award in First Nations Art program and the Sam Carter Award in Applied Art + Design will conclude their nomination periods on June 30. These awards celebrate the intersection of art, culture, and design, honoring individuals who have left an indelible mark in their respective fields. 
  • The BC Reconciliation Award and the Community Award programs deadline will be January 31. The BC Reconciliation Award recognizes individuals making significant strides in reconciliation efforts. The BC Achievement Community Award celebrates individuals who go above and beyond to make a positive impact in their communities. 

Elevate, Celebrate, Inspire 

BC Achievement’s decision to open nominations year-round is an invitation to all British Columbians to actively participate in recognizing excellence. Whether you’re aware of an exemplary citizen, an outstanding artist, or a thriving Indigenous business, now is the time to nominate and celebrate those who make our province extraordinary. 

By embracing a continuous nomination process, BC Achievement ensures that the spirit of acknowledgment remains alive throughout the year. This inclusivity reflects the organization’s commitment to fostering a culture of appreciation, where every achievement, big or small, is valued and celebrated. 

So, let the nominations begin! Join us in acknowledging the exceptional individuals and initiatives that contribute to the fabric of British Columbia. Together, let’s celebrate excellence year-round. 

For more information on each award program and to submit nominations, please visit BC Achievement’s Nomination Page

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