New to the Community Award Program: The Emerging Leader Designation

Photo: 2023 Community Award recipient, Stephanie Quon

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the BC Achievement Foundation and its cornerstone program – the Community Award, which highlights the outstanding achievements of remarkable individuals in BC. Each of the awardees has made unique contributions to their communities, whether through volunteering or their daily work—and often both.  

Introduced to the 2024 Community Award program is a new recognition category: The Emerging Leader designation which recognizes and celebrates youth who are making a difference in their communities and striving to make BC a better place. This distinction will acknowledge the incredible dedication and efforts of young leaders. Through this empowerment, a ripple effect will transpire – one that resonates far beyond the initial act of service.  

The Emerging Leader designation will provide a platform for the next generation of leaders to showcase their skills, share their stories, and inspire change. “As we look to the future and the challenges that lie ahead, it is more important than ever to recognize the achievements of youth in our province. They are the ones who will lead us forward, and we need to support and encourage them every step of the way”, said Walter Pela, BC Achievement Board Chair.

The Community Award program has showcased the stories of over 660 British Columbians who have blazed a path forward through their community achievements. Such achievements require strength, courage, and skill, serving as an inspiration for others to follow. Community Award recipients have played a vital role in building stronger and more engaged communities thanks to their exceptional leadership. 

Join the movement by nominating worthy candidates, celebrating our outstanding awardees, and in doing so, build a better British Columbia together. By sharing the stories of inspiring British Columbians, BC Achievement illuminates transformative work, enabling others to follow their examples and create meaningful change in their communities.

Nominations for the Community Award are now open and can be submitted online at until January 31, 2024. An independent jury panel of community leaders, which includes program alumni, adjudicate the submissions.  

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