Experience the Artistry: Join us at an exhibition showcasing the recipients of the 2023 art award programs 

A public art exhibition visually shares knowledge, celebrates artists and provides space for gathering and shared dialogue. Starting November 16, BC Achievement will be hosting an exhibition to highlight the artwork of the 2023 recipients of its two art award programs: the 2023 Polygon Award in First Nations Art (FNA) and the Applied Art + Design Award (AAD) programs. 

Since 2006, the FNA program has celebrated the art and culture of First Nations artists, recognizing excellence in traditional or contemporary visual arts. It fosters community engagement, mentorship, and storytelling, passing traditions to younger generations and sharing them with a BC-wide audience. To date, the program has honoured more than 90 outstanding artists. 

The AAD program highlights functional art that enhances daily life and enriches our collective experiences. It celebrates British Columbians who contribute to the province’s culture and economy through innovative functional art. Over 80 artists and designers have received this award over the past nineteen years. 

These programs advance art discourse in the province and provide a platform to share cultural history and artistic innovation with the community. They also empower recognized artists (recipients) to lead and inspire the next generation of creators. 

BC Achievement is proud to present a combined exhibition showcasing the recipients for both the 2023 Polygon Award in First Nations Art and Applied Art + Design Award. The exhibition, which is free and open to the public, will take place at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre from Thursday, November 16 9am – 9pm until Wednesday, November 22 at noon. Click here to register. 

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