The Polygon Award in First Nations Art: Join us for the 2023 Dinner and Presentation Ceremony 

Celebrate the 2023 recipients of the Polygon Award in First Nations Art program at The Roundhouse in Vancouver on November 15! Click here to purchase your tickets on Eventbrite.

Since 2006, the First Nations Art (FNA) award program has championed the intersection of art and culture, while simultaneously paying homage to First Nations artistic traditions. By celebrating both traditional and contemporary arts, the FNA program sets a stage where First Nations artists can shine, fostering genuine community engagement, mentorship, and the art of storytelling. The program serves as a powerful platform for the stories of artists to be told and heard while showcasing artistic excellence. 

Program recipients will be honoured at an award presentation in front of their family members, friends, peers, and community. Four short films produced by BC Achievement will be premiered at this event unveiling each recipient’s artistic journey and achievements. The films live on the BC Achievement YouTube library, accessible to anyone who wants to learn and be inspired. 

The exceptional art of each awardee is showcased in a week-long exhibit at The Roundhouse surrounding attendees with a welcoming space celebrating excellence. 

The 2023 FNA award ceremony will include a formal sit-down dinner, along with the award ceremony and art exhibit. Featuring local and cultural food, the FNA award celebration will bring people together, sharing the artists’ unique perspectives with a wider audience, fostering dialogue, understanding, and appreciation. 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art Dinner and Award Presentation is a celebration of artistic brilliance, cultural heritage, and the enduring spirit of First Nations artists. The gathering is a testament to the ongoing journey of artistic expression and cultural preservation. The Polygon Award in First Nations Art program ensures that the stories and artistry of First Nations peoples continue to captivate and inspire generations to come. 

Watch for the 2023 Awardee announcement in October! 

BC Achievement is grateful for the generosity of Polygon Homes in supporting the First Nations Art Award program. 

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