With gratitude to the nominators of BC Achievement’s art award programs  

Thank you to the nominators! Submitting nominations for the Polygon Award in First Nations Art and the Applied Art + Design Award is invaluable and makes a difference. Your commitment and enthusiasm in recognizing outstanding artists and designers supports nominees and the greater community. 

Nominating individuals for recognition holds immense benefits for the nominees and the broader community. Nominators play a pivotal role in shining a light on deserving individuals whose stories need to be told. By taking the time to nominate someone for an award, the nominee’s exceptional skills, creativity, and contributions to their respective fields are being actively acknowledged. Nominations serve as a testament to the artist’s talent and dedication, motivating them to continue pursuing their passions and sharing their story. 

The act of nominating also fosters a supportive and encouraging environment. By highlighting the achievements of individuals through nominations, we collectively share in the celebration of talent and excellence. This, in turn, encourages others to strive for excellence and sets a standard of achievement that can inspire the entire province. Nominations are a powerful tool to create a positive ripple effect, inspiring others to follow a similar path to reach their full potential. 

Receiving a nomination is an uplifting experience for the artist. It validates their hard work and commitment to their craft, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment. Being recognized for their skills boosts self-esteem while signifying a career milestone, opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Nominations can act as a catalyst for growth, propelling individuals to further excel in their fields and make even greater contributions. 

The act of acknowledging and appreciating talent creates a ripple effect within the community. It creates a culture of support and collaboration, encouraging individuals to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences. The increased visibility of talented individuals also serves as an inspiration for younger generations, nurturing their aspirations and cultivating a rich artistic and creative heritage. 

BC Achievement is grateful to all the nominators who play such a meaningful role in recognizing and celebrating artists. Your nominations have brought deserving individuals into the spotlight where their stories can be told while empowering them to continue making a difference in their respective fields. By supporting and acknowledging the achievements of others, you have contributed to the growth and vibrancy of the cultural community of our province. 

Watch this space for updates this Fall as the awardees of each program are announced. Thank-you nominators, and best of luck, nominees! 

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