Last Chance to Nominate an Artist: Polygon Award in First Nations Art and Applied Art + Design Award 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art and the Applied Art + Design Award remain open for artist submissions. Time is running out, as June 30 marks the final day for online nominations. We encourage you to submit your nominations this week and be part of this opportunity to celebrate and honour exceptional artists and designers. 

Recognizing First Nations Art 

The Polygon Award in First Nations Art serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of artists from BC’s First Nations communities. This annual award recognizes exceptional talent, creativity, and a deep connection to cultural heritage. By participating in the nomination process, you have the power to uplift and support First Nations artists, showcasing their incredible contributions. 

Applauding Applied Art + Design 

The Applied Art + Design Award aims to recognize the fusion of artistic expression and functionality. This award highlights the work of talented artists and designers across various mediums, including ceramics, jewellery, furniture, textiles, and digital design. Nominating an artist or designer in this category is an opportunity to appreciate their ability to blend aesthetics, innovation, and practicality in their creations. By acknowledging their contributions, we encourage the pursuit of excellence in applied art and design. 


With the nomination deadline just a few days away, it’s time get your submissions in! Your nominations carry immense weight, as they provide artists and designers with well-deserved recognition and exposure. Submissions started before midnight on June 30 will be granted an extension of one week to complete the nomination. So, hurry!

Reach out to fellow art lovers, share the news on social media, and encourage everyone to submit their nominations this week.  

Together, we can honour the remarkable contributions of First Nations artists and Applied Art + Design creators! Let’s make a difference by recognizing and uplifting the artistic endeavours that enrich our cultural landscape and in doing so, tell the story of BC. #nominatenowbc at 

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