The Indigenous Business Award program opens for nominations May 1st  #nominatenowbc

Photo: 2022 Indigenous Business Award recipients

The 15th annual Indigenous Business Award (IBA) program is set to open its call for nominations on
May 1, 2023, inviting Indigenous entrepreneurs to be recognized for their outstanding business achievements. The IBA program acknowledges and honours Indigenous-owned businesses that demonstrate remarkable success while contributing to their communities. 

To be eligible for the award, businesses must be Indigenous-owned, operational for at least two years, positively impacted their community, and demonstrated financial stability and growth. The business must be located in BC. 

Categories are:  

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year  
  • Business of the Year 
  • Community-owned 
  • Business Partnership of the Year 

Nominating an Indigenous-owned business for the award has many benefits. It provides recognition for the business and the owner(s) and promotes the growth and success of Indigenous entrepreneurship. The award acknowledges the unique challenges that Indigenous entrepreneurs face and the resilience they demonstrate in overcoming these challenges. 

IBA nominations provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the success stories of Indigenous entrepreneurs and promote their businesses. By sharing their stories and achievements, it encourages other Indigenous individuals to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path. The Indigenous Business Award is also an avenue to support reconciliation efforts by acknowledging and celebrating the critical role Indigenous entrepreneurship plays in British Columbia’s economy. It promotes understanding and respect for Indigenous cultures and highlights the importance of supporting Indigenous-owned businesses. 

IBA programming and its annual Award Gala presentation together provide a platform for networking and building connections within the Indigenous business community and beyond. These relationships can lead to collaboration and partnerships, which drive further growth and success for Indigenous-owned businesses and build a stronger provincial economy.

This year the Call for Nominations period has moved from its usual June dates and nominations for the 2023 IBA program will open on May 1 and close May 31. All eligible Indigenous-owned businesses are encouraged to submit an online application. Anyone who knows an Indigenous business deserving of the recognition, can also submit a nomination on their behalf. Details on eligibility, key dates and the program can be found at  

Be part of it and share these stories of building business excellence by nominating worthy Indigenous businesses for the 2023 program.  

Contact IBA Program Director, Angela Marston for more information


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