International Day for the Elimination of Racism – with Suresh Kurl 

Photo: 2022 Community Award recipient, Suresh Kurl (third from left)

The United Nations proclaimed March 21 as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. By acknowledging anti-racism efforts, we can create a more equitable society where everyone thrives regardless of their race, ethnicity or cultural background. 

Embodying the very essence of this initiative, BC Achievement alumnus Suresh Kurl advocates for the celebration of all cultures while comfortably sharing his own faith and beliefs.  

Suresh is a 2022 recipient of the BC Achievement Community Award for his work raising awareness on how we can all contribute toward the elimination of racism.  

“The only solution is for people to understand what racism is and how they can deal with it; [To ask themselves] do they have any racist views in their heart? It’s not an easy journey because you are overhauling your personality and thinking better.” 

An accomplished writer, Suresh has connected with his fellow British Columbians for over four decades through articles on multiculturalism, equality, justice and faith.  

“I’m a writer and a speaker and that’s how I started going out and talking to people and telling them what I think about racial prejudices and discrimination and how we can deal with those issues.” 

Until recently Suresh served as a member of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, and he remains a regular contributor to and participant in the annual Raise Your Hands Against Racism event. Serving on the National Parole Board for five years provided a unique lens which Suresh continues to use today as he sits on the community policing committee as an active member.  

A leader whose words turn into actions, Suresh challenges us all to look deeper and be better citizens.  For Suresh, it is through his faith: “If we believe God lives in us, then His attributes—kindness, and compassion, must live in us as well, and therefore, every living being should realize that discriminating against any human being is discriminating against God Himself.” 

Whether through his efforts to showcase the Hindu festivals of lights – Diwali, or the season of spring – Holi, Suresh shares his experiences to demonstrate commonality between us and how we are better together. His energy and drive have contributed to improved understanding and dialogue, in the areas of citizenship, multiculturalism, race relations, and interfaith harmony. 

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is a time to assess how well we are supporting all members of our community and reflect on how we can help to eliminate race-based hate and prejudice. You can also learn more by participating in events in your community.

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