Ending the year with gratitude 

Photo: (L-R) Douglas Coupland, Sam Carter & Dr. Gillian Siddall

It is timely that we are ending the year on a note of celebration. This year we were able to bring back live award ceremonies where we gathered to honour awardees from four BC Achievement programs. The most recent of which was a celebration of the Indigenous Business Awardees on November 29 – a room filled with over 650 people to honour eight program recipients. Coming together enabled us to appreciate the energy in a fist pump, the connection in a handshake and the warmth in a hug. It also allowed us to welcome this year’s awardees into the BC Achievement alumni family which boasts over 1000 British Columbians strong! 

Honouring awardees is a role our small and mighty organization embraces and we do it in concert with so many of you. It’s a testament to the support of community partners, sponsors, nominators, leadership and those of you who share our calls for nomination and our stories of the awardees. So, from our hearts, we thank you. It is with gratitude that we close this year and open the new one with promise of stronger relationships, increased nominations and more stories to elevate and inspire achievement.  

If you’re wondering why we do what we do, and the importance of recognizing wonderful people doing incredible things, you just have to ask our former board chair Anne Giardini and our incoming chair Walter Pela about why they choose to represent and support the work of BC Achievement. 

“It is a hallmark of successful organizations and societies that they not only recognize achievements but celebrate them. All of us – if we are lucky – have a memory of giving or receiving recognition for an act of creation, collaboration, inspiration or community building. BC Achievement exists to shine light on those whose actions make this province a better place for us all.” 

Anne Giardini, OC, OBC, KC, Past Chair 

“British Columbia is built by truly remarkable people doing incredible work in varied fields throughout the province. They deserve to be recognized and celebrated, and their achievements amplified, inspiring all of us in our ambitions to make an impact.”

Walter Pela, Chair 

Happy holidays from BC Achievement. Enjoy, stay safe and #nominatenowbc

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