Indigenous Business Excellence: the legacy of the Award of Distinction designation 

Photo: 2017 Recipients of the Indigenous Business Award

Celebrating excellence since 2009, the Indigenous Business Award (IBA) program boasts over 200 remarkable businesses within its alumni. Presented in partnership with the Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation and generously supported by our sponsorship family the program elevates the stories of IBA awardees, invests in their achievements while shining a light on business excellence and innovation so others may follow their example. 

Within its alumni are a select group of achievers who serve as entrepreneurial change makers within the Indigenous economy. These individuals have received the annual Award of Distinction designation: each is remarkable in their own right and has a story which needs to be held up and shared so their efforts continue to inspire. 

The Award of Distinction is presented to a person who, over his or her career, has made a significant difference in the Indigenous business community through his or her entrepreneurial endeavours and, in doing so, serves as a leader, role model, mentor and inspiration. The individual may be a pioneer in his or her business activities, a successful entrepreneur, or an individual who has been instrumental in supporting or creating Indigenous business activities in the province. 

We salute the past Award of Distinction recipients and their legacy:

2009 Dorothy Grant & Angelique Merasty Levac  
2010 Dolly (Watts) McRae & John Harper  
2011 Chief Clarence Louie  
2012 Chief Councillor Garry Reece 
2013 Chief Commissioner Sophie Pierre & Ruth Williams 
2014 Councillor Garry Feschuk 
2015 James Walkus 
2016 Robert Louie 
2017 Chief Gibby Jacob
2018 Chief Gordon Planes 
2019 Paulette Flamond 
2020 Carol Anne Hilton 
2021 Ken Cameron 

Indigenous Business Award of Distinction recipients serve as examples of resilience and innovation and while delivering a message of hope and optimism for the future. Their legacy, tenacity and hard work, ensures the rightful place of Indigenous businesses in British Columbia.  

Achievement is defined as strength, courage and skill –  and is embodied by the Award of Distinction recipients in their respective lives. The 2022 Award of Distinction designation will be announced next month in concert with the release of the 14th annual Indigenous Business Award recipients. 

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