Looking for a mentor, an ambassador or a successful business model?

If you want to know who’s making waves in your community, tap into BC Achievement’s online alumni library and explore the leadership resource this province has to offer.  

The online alumni library includes information on each of the recipients of the Indigenous Business, First Nations Art, Applied Art + Design, Community and the BC Reconciliation Awards. For 19 years, BC Achievement has been celebrating the accomplishments of the province’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, leaders, visionaries, and volunteers, so the alumni library is quite an extensive resource. 

Program alumni are a talented, motivated and inspiring group of individuals and businesses who do amazing things to make their communities better. The recognition they receive is used as a tool to showcase excellence and inspire change. 

Take for example, Elijah Mack, owner and operator of Kekuli Cafe Merritt and recipient of the 2021 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Indigenous Business Award. Since receiving the award, Elijah has expanded his business and opened a new location in Kamloops. At the same time, he continues to donate to local groups, homeless shelters, and sporting organizations through the friendship centre movement. 

Jeff Martin is a furniture designer and collaborator who opened a large production facility based out of Vancouver’s 1000 Parker Street studio. This space serves as a showroom and makes space for other designers to help promote their work. It is in keeping with Jeff’s mentorship to younger artists and designers that helped earn him the Carter Wosk Award in Applied Art + Design in 2020. 

2022 Community Awardee, Baylie McKnight is a champion for those struggling with complex mental health concerns, homelessness, addiction and trauma. Since starting her community service at age 16 as a youth speaker focused on substance abuse, she carried on as a volunteer outreach worker on the streets of Victoria. In 2012 Baylie founded Borderline Personality Disorder Society of BC and has become a support for many in need. Now with a Master’s in Clinical Social Work in hand, she is continuing to serve and advocate for others. 

Crystal Behn (2021 Awardee), was recently selected as the winner of the Tony Onley Artists’ Project Scholarship, an artist residency held each summer in Wells, BC. This Fulmer Award in First Nations Art recipient has been getting noticed for her intricate, traditional beadwork. 

Atomic Cartoons received a 2022 BC Reconciliation Award for their ground-breaking leadership in the production of the animated children’s series Molly of Denali, which airs on CBC Kids in Canada and GBH/PBS in the United States. By celebrating stories of Indigeneity, family and community life, Molly of Denali provides an important platform to address racism, colonialism and reconciliation. Atomic Cartoons ensures Indigenous perspectives is included at all levels, with more than 60 Indigenous crew and advisors recruited to work on the series.

BC Achievement shines a light on the incredible accomplishments of its awardees, creating a platform for their story to be celebrated to inspire others. British Columbians can see themselves in these remarkable examples and then take the first step to create stronger, more engaged communities throughout the province. 

We encourage British Columbians from all parts of this great province to reflect on the stories of these individuals and learn from their perspectives and follow in the path they have carved forward.

Want to know more about these inspiring folks? Check out the Awardee Library on our website or view the short Awardee recognition films on our YouTube channel. And contact info@bcachievement.com for more information. 

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