Mitchell Award of Distinction recipient,
Dr. Faisal Khosa 

Photo: 2022 Awardee, Dr. Faisal Khosa

Dr. Faisal Khosa is a champion for diversity and inclusion in educational institutions and employment. His remarkable achievements have been commemorated with the Mitchell Award of Distinction as a recipient of the 2022 Community Award. The Mitchell Award of Distinction recognizes Faisal’s unique and selfless leadership that empowers others to lead. His commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) has created a lasting legacy in his community and province. 

One of the standout things about Faisal is his passion in seeing his mentees succeed. Despite his busy schedule as an award-winning radiologist, scholar, and clinician-scientist, he provides insightful advice and is always available to provide guidance and support. He often mentors and supports aspiring physicians from developing countries achieve clinical fellowships in Europe, USA, and Canada.  

With more than 240 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, Faisal’s research has catalyzed initiatives to increase the accessibility of higher education and achievement for underrepresented groups including female, refugee, BIPOC and those with physical and mental disabilities. His efforts have produced actionable guidelines for institutions in BC and beyond and helped create an equitable space that allows for inclusion of all students, educators and physicians. 

Photo: Dr. Faisal Khosa, 2022 Mitchell Award of Distinction

Faisal is a leader in reducing systemic barriers. Through hands-on EDI and anti-racism workshops and seminars he has empowered others to become ambassadors for EDI, ensuring a sustainable legacy of inclusive excellence in BC.  

With a purpose to ensure a level playing field, Faisal enables those who have been historically marginalized with the opportunities to shine. He is committed to reducing systemic barriers and it is this devotion to community service and his motivation to help others excel that embodies selfless service.  

He teaches us that equal opportunity leads to inequality and treating everyone equally maintains inequity. Equity and equality while used interchangeably are different entities and lead to dissimilar results. When we treat everyone equally, we treat everyone the same, but when we treat everyone equitably, we focus on individual needs and tailor-made solutions. Equity asks us to acknowledge that everyone has different needs, experiences, and opportunities.  

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Dr. Faisal Khosa

An award-winning radiologist and scholar, Dr. Faisal Khosa excels as a clinician-scientist. His work as a mentor, educator and advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) has created a legacy for his profession and also the larger BC community. With more than 240 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, Dr. Khosa’s research has…

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