Exceptional leaders for BC communities

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Balbir Gurm

It was an eventful year in British Columbia, to say the least. With fires, floods, discovery of the unmarked graves, the overdose crisis and the persistence of the pandemic, it’s been challenging to see the good bits of 2021.

But there have been good bits! Really good things have happened in this province because of the generosity, support and resilience of the people who live here.

The helpers,
the heroes,
the dedicated volunteers,
role models,
champions for the underserved,
fearless advocates,
the quintessentially good neighbours; and
the innovative changemakers in reconciliation.

These folks stand out because of their exceptional service and leadership to people in their communities.

In 2021 BC Achievement was honoured to receive many nominations for such people for both the British Columbia Reconciliation Award and the Community Award. And through these nominations, we were pleased to present 25 individuals or pairs with the Community Award, including Balbir Gurm, a nursing professor and founder of NEVR – Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships. A role model and champion for women, Balbir Gurm advocates for violence prevention, helping break down cultural and gender barriers.

We were impressed with the response to the British Columbia Reconciliation Award, receiving nominations for individuals and organizations who have stepped up to create unique and respectful ways to furthering the Principles of Reconciliation. Six individuals and three organizations were bestowed the inaugural Award recognition in 2021. One of the recipients, Dr. David Suzuki, is world-renowned environmentalist who has spent a lifetime advancing reconciliation. Through his foundation, he has formed partnerships through shared insights of science and traditional knowledge, resulting in successes like the preservation of the Great Bear Rain Forest.

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Dr. David Suzuki

There are so many more passionate British Columbians whose actions make a positive difference for those who live and work here. This year let’s recognize these changemakers for their dedication and nominate them for either the Community Award or the British Columbia Reconciliation Award. Deadlines are coming up – January 15 at midnight for the British Columbia Reconciliation Award and January 31 at midnight for the Community Award. #nominatenowbc

Nomination forms, tips, and award program information can be found at British Columbia Reconciliation Award and Community Award pages on bcachievement.com

We hope to hear from you soon!

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