ACHIEVEMENT: Strength, Courage and Skill

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Elijah Mack, Kekuli Cafe Merritt

Achievement is defined as strength, courage and skill – and each BC Achievement awardee embodies this in their respective lives. As we consider the year (and its many challenges) soon to be behind us, our awardees are leading the way far beyond their award recognition and contributions to building stronger more engaged communities. 

In the recent trials faced by BC communities ravaged by flood, the example of the 2021 Indigenous Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Elijah Mack of Kekuli Cafe Merritt rings true as he demonstrates his strength, his courage and his skill assisting others. Relocated to a hotel in Kamloops due to the catastrophic flooding in Merritt, Elijah figured out ways to serve food to those in need producing sandwiches, chili and hosting a taco fundraiser to support his community. In a recent interview with CBC’s Matt Gallaway, Elijah shared his platform of ‘unity in the community’ and that giving back is and always has been part of his DNA. As he contemplates the devastation in Merritt and returning to the city to help rebuild, he explains, “I hate when my family is hurting, and Merritt is my family”. Thank you for inspiring us Elijah and we can’t wait to see where your community faith and entrepreneurial spirit will take you next. 

It’s good to take the time to pause and consider the privilege BC Achievement has elevating stories of excellence throughout the province. These stories tell us the best of BC and implore and inspire all of us to follow the lead of awardees showcased within each of the foundation’s five programs. 

After each independent jury deliberation, the foundation team is tasked with reaching out to awardees and sharing the wonderful news of their selection. What a perk! As we work together toward the program’s recognition phase and learn about the awardee on a personal level, we are always amazed at the breadth of the awardee’s commitment.  

We salute all the 2021 Awardees for the richness they bring to their community and thank them for their passionate strength, their indomitable courage and their exceptional skill. BC Achievement is grateful to share their stories and inspire change.  

In gratitude, all of us at BC Achievement wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. 

BC Achievement: Elevate Excellence. Share Success. Inspire Change.    

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