Communities where we care for each other

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Jane Jae Kyung Shin

This province is home to incredibly generous people who take the time to be dedicated volunteers, or who lead community programs that serve others, or who step up during times of emergency.

We’ve all seen recent examples of these heroes and helpers during BC’s recent floods and mudslides that trapped people on inaccessible highways or forced them to evacuate entire cities and reserves. The people that stepped in to make meals and hired helicopters to deliver it to the occupants of the trapped cars on the highway showed incredible compassion. There were volunteer pilots who delivered relief supplies to flood-ravaged communities. There were friends, families and strangers who opened up their homes to provide shelter to those escaping the flood. And there were emergency service personnel who went beyond their duties to help people to safety. In such times of need is when we see so many helpers and we are in awe of the mobilization of good will.

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Kal Dosanjh

But it’s also in times of stability that we see the efforts of those outstanding citizens who spend years supporting their local organizations, showing up to volunteer time and again. Who lead fundraising efforts for their local hospital foundation, who tirelessly advocate for the underserved, who dream of and execute social justice campaigns, who lead beach clean-up crews. There are so many everyday heroes who go unrecognized because we get used to them continuously being there and always leading the charge. It’s time to recognize them for their community achievement and inspire the next generation!

If you know someone who makes a positive difference in your community, a person who works to make your community strong, compassionate, and vibrant, nominate them for the 2022 Community Award. Now in its 19th year, BC Achievement’s annual Community Award program celebrates the spirit, dedication and outstanding contributions of British Columbians. Join us in telling the remarkable stories of our great province and its peoples, and inspire others.

Nominations open at December 1 – January 31 #nominatenowbc

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