Sisters Sage IBA Awardee: Lynn-Marie Angus leading with authenticity and integrity

Sisters Sage

Photo: 2021 Awardee, Lynn-Marie Angus, Sisters Sage

Lynn-Marie Angus along with her sister, Melissa-Rae Angus, are co-owners of Sisters Sage the 2021 Indigenous Business (IBA) of the Year in the one-to-two-person category!  

Resolute about collaboration and her company’s embrace of the quadruple bottom line, Lynn-Marie espouses a mantra that Sisters Sage inspire other Indigenous women to be financially independent. This has been a core value of the company since its inception.  Launched with the goal of being their own bosses, Sisters Sage is cutting a path forward for other Indigenous women to follow with four clear goals: 

1. Financial Independence
2. Inspire and motivate other Indigenous women and youth to define their own financial futures through business
3. Showcase Indigenous people and culture in a positive way
4. Environmentally and socially conscious enterprise

Clarity in her purpose as a role model guides Lynn-Marie in advising others to lead with authenticity and integrity. In a recent interview on the Pow Wow Pitch Podcast with Sunshine Tedesco, Lynn-Maire boldly states that she chooses collaboration over competition and encourages others to hoard community not money.

Community is a key factor for Indigenous businesses and the 2021 IBA awardee cohort each demonstrate this commitment to giving back and it is an important consideration in the nomination and selection process. Lynn-Marie shares that community is inculcated into her DNA, influenced by the pot latch culture and she has woven these concepts into her business model as part of a shared value system. She states that it is super powerful to be a part of inspiring other entrepreneurs. Her ambition is to give back by sharing her expertise and taking the time to provide tips, and to be generous while honestly documenting hard lessons, both the good and the bad.

Photo: Sisters Sage soap bars – all products are vegan or vegetarian

Lynn-Marie attributes her focus and strengths to the inspiration she gains from her own role models pursing their entrepreneurial dreams. She actively participates in a peer-to-peer group The Lift Circle which is part of the Indigenous Lift Collective founded and led by Teara Fraser, owner of Iskwew Air, featured as Wonder Woman in the DC Comics “Wonderful Women of History” graphic novel, IBA alumni and an entrepreneurial force. The weekly zoom calls are a constant in Lynn-Marie’s life as she leads Sisters Sage into its next phase.

Congratulations to Sisters Sage on their IBA recognition!! Lynn Marie’s words of wisdom encouraging all aspiring entrepreneurs “to be that authentic person – who is not just a tokenized version of ourselves because we are looking for role models, people the younger generation can look up to” are imbued in her own entrepreneurial journey and serve as a proven and valuable message.

When Sisters Sage started, Lynn-Marie was given some helpful advice: “always keep talking about your business allowing it to evolve organically and the value proposition will be apparent.”

Keep talking Lynn-Marie! It all rings true, and we can’t wait to hear what Sisters Sage will do next!

Join us NOVEMBER 4 at 10:00 a.m. for the release of the Sisters Sage film as part of the premiere of the 2021 IBA Awardee recognition films on Follow Sisters Sage on their social media at IG: @sisters_sage; FB: @indigenousbathproducts; TW: @SistersSage3; or LinkedIn Lynn-Marie Angus

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Sisters Sage

Sisters Sage is an Indigenous brand that handcrafts wellness and self-care products inspired by the owners’ culture and traditions. Founders, Lynn-Marie and Melissa Rae Angus, believe strongly in building community, honouring culture, respecting the land, and amplifying the voices of other Indigenous entrepreneurs. Their homemade soaps, bath bombs, salves, and smokeless smudge sprays pay homage to…

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